DC Comics & Marvel iPhone Chara-Covers, $28 each, available on Fab

Fab is currently having a sale on the much anticipated DC & Marvel iPhone Chara-Covers right now, which were previewed at San Diego Comic Con 2012. The Chara-Covers will be in stores early Spring 2013, but grab one on sale from now till Wednesday (January 16th)!

Decisions, decisions…

This new song is awesome Jodie Jermaine ft Courtney Robinson the bridge. Gonna post it when the mixings done and all that good stuff

You’re an artist while I lay blank.


Paint me the way you see me.
Fill in the colors you imagine,
The ones that fill the lids of eyes
Intent on nothing but feeling
Only the way we can. And exist,
In the clemency of our tangles.
Splayed across the mattresses
And pillows we leave bare,
Nude and with vulnerability.
Make me into your vision,
The truth you want to behold.
Paint me something beautiful.


You’re a beautiful thought to be had —
Often I wonder if I let you take over my mind,
would there be an exit strategy applicable
to delicately extract me
from the breathtaking web you weave?
Often I reason:
you’re so beautiful a thought
to lend my mind to
I’d never want to escape…